Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Alice & Her Six Dads

I've just finished making "Alice & Her Six Dads" - the story of a young woman searching for her real Dad. I started filming with Alice, 21, after she told me that she wanted to track down her biological Dad. She had no idea where he lived, hadn't seen him since she was a baby, and had never even seen a photo of him.

The film follows Alice's journey to find her Dad, and poses questions about what it really means to be a Dad.

UPDATE - "Alice and Her Six Dads" was first shown on BBC3 in July 2010.  It has been repeated several times, and is sometimes available on iplayer.


  1. This is the BBC Three page that has more information about the film:

  2. I watched Alice & Her Six Dads last night and thought it was very moving. Alice and her Mum came across so natural and you were really drawn in to her past memories and the reasons behind for her search for her biological Dad. All done with a real sense of warmth and reality.

  3. hiii :)
    would you by any chance be able to tell me what the song used in the trailer is called. I've been searching all over for it and i can't work out what its called.....thank-yoou

  4. The music used in the trailer is Bombay Bicycle Club, "Always Like This"

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    I would like to know the wedding dress shop email address,website or name. thankyou

  6. hi, i saw the programme and it was really interesting,during the programme i found something that i have been looking for ages that fit perfect with my wedding dress. I was wondering if it is possible to send me the email or website of the wedding shop or shops that you visited. You will be a life saver and make me a very happy bride. Thankyou

  7. To those wanting info on the wedding shops that we filmed at: "Avorio" (several shots of Alice trying on sparkly hair pieces etc), and "La Bella Brides" (where Alice tried on dresses with her Mum), both are in Sheffield. I seem to have become a wedding planner!

  8. Hi Adam,

    I have very much enjoyed your work on Alice and Her Six Dads. Just saw it on the iplayer and was enthralled. I am writing to introduce myself in the hope that we could work together. I am a composer of some 15 years experience and am very keen to broaden my work with more factual and dramatic productions. Please visit my web site www.michaelpalmermusic.com where you will find a broad selection of my work.
    Many thanks. Michael Palmer.

  9. After flicking through the channels on t.v i switched on to 'Alice and her six dads' it was such a moving program and after i have just got married (5 weeks ago) i noticed she tried on dresses in La Bella Brides which is were i got my dress from.. Did alice get her dress from there? The staff were all wonderful and couldnt do enough for me and my family.. It was lovely seeing a local shop and local people on tv!

  10. does any body know was song that is at the end?

  11. whats the song where alice is looking at photos and then it shows a video of davy, at about 9 minutes in?

  12. who knows the song all the way at the end when they start showing the credits

  13. Hi , I was amazed to see this by accident on BBC3.... I used to look after Alice occasionally when were "on the bus" and Davey and Ann-Marie would need some time alone . I still have a very wrinkly monochrome photo of around 10 of us 'ippy types sat around a fire in front of our vehicles somewhere near the Lake District i think , in a lovely wooded clearing.. Davey and Ann-Marie are at the fire with Alice as a baby wrapped in a shawl ...
    I very much doubt that she'd remember me , but I really felt a warm sense of something aproaching pride when I watched this and saw what a bright , well-adjusted , positive young woman Alice has turned out to be.
    I've often wondered about Alice and her Mum over the years , I even lost touch with Davie pretty much apart from a couple of times when he's left the island and paid us a brief visit.
    So after about twenty years , and all the ups and downs that twenty years can bring , its such a heart warming sight to see that at least one of us has turned out fine :)
    Oh and Ann-Marie , did I give you that copy of Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet" , Im sure it was just a loan lol (just kiddin)
    Much Love
    P.S. Good on ya Tristram....solid geezer.

  14. Maz - I've just sent your comment to Alice's email so that she can read it and show her Mum.

    MUSIC QUESTIONS: The track that is used at the end of the film is Laura Marling, "Made by Maid".
    When Alice is looking through photos and talking about Davie, the music is by The xx, "VCR".

  15. thank you :D i really enjoyed the documentary, it was really thought-provoking and moving

  16. Hi Everyone I've uploaded an update on my story here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY5fCa2UTEc

    And you can also join the 'Alice and Her 6 Dads' page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alice-and-Her-6-Dads/132940260080595?ref=ts

    Alice :)

  17. I loved watching your documentary "Alice and her 6 dads", the love that Tristram and Noel had for Alice was really wonderful to watch.
    What a beautifully made film. Well done!